This is a middle school course dealing with differing design techniques, theories and methods using a variety of design software.

This is a middle school course on Pre-Engineering design, theory and practice.

This introductory course emphasizes the types and uses of drawings in the shop and industry. The student will learn to express his/her ideas, by sketching initially then moving to CAD software (AutoCad LT) to solve practical problems in three view drawings, pictorial drawings, and various other areas of graphic expression.

This course is to introduce the student to the field of architecture (drawing of buildings & residential structures).The study of how a home is constructed is also introduced. A basic home is designed, drawn, and modeled using CAD software.

Build on skills learned in CAD I and II. Considerable time is spent in further development of designing skills. Time is also spent in shading and rendering, perspective and other advanced drafting techniques.

This course will deal with all aspects of Video Production. It will include but not be limited to: shooting video, editing video, lighting, audio, and audio editing.

This class will use technology modules as well as group projects to explore different aspects of technology. Subjects may include:digital photography, robotics, weather tracking, alternate energy, computer animation, landscape design,simple machines, 3D modeling, desktop publishing, linear measurement, communication, electronics, and bridge building.

An introduction to creating and/or editing digital images. Students will learn to create digital images, to capture digital images using a digital camera and a scanner, and transfer those images to a computer for editing. This is a hands on course. Students will learn principles of graphics manipulation.

(Software: Adobe PhotoShop from CS6 Suite)

 In this course students will learn to produce visually innovative motion graphics and effects for film, video, DVD and the web.  Students will create rich internet content and applications by using powerful video, multimedia and application development features. Upon completion of this course, students will be well versed in creating animations for a variety of uses.

(Software: Adobe Flash from the CS6 Suite)

This course is being created for the November 2010 Staff In-service dealing with the online software called Moodle. Attempts will be made to show how it may apply to your discipline.